WD My Cloud Home, Personal Cloud Storage Solution

WD My Cloud Home, Personal Cloud Storage Solution

Western Digital launches their new WD My Cloud Home Personal Cloud Storage Solution, Smart NAS and easy home backup system designed to be used and controlled easily from the smartphone or laptop at home and while you are on the go synchronizing and backing up your data remotely to your Home Cloud. The device has a USB 3 port to plug in and transfer files from local storage, smartphones to backup. Pricing starts at $159 for 2TB single drive to $899 for 20TB dual drive and its available now at Best Buy in the USA.



l Lue says:

5 one TB hardrives went out no sorta help or anything.. Thanks for all the info I lost

orangedac says:

This product makes sense and its worth buying.

Durple Nurples says:

He's so sweaty, I feel bad for him xD

Nyana11 says:

if use this the goverment also have 100% full access to all your data

Bojan says:

I only wish it used WiFi instead of ethernet port.

d4nnyth3dog says:

Would this be good as a plex server? Would it transcode full HD video files okay?

slidingdownthehill says:

Any mention of front ends non wintel / mac based ? Nfs friendly / linux front end GUI ? Rsync …etc. it does look cool, I wonder about shelf life , extend ability and …more importantly error correction ! Would it tell you if one of the drives are picking up errors and advise you what to do to protect your all important data. Storing it is part of the battle , protecting it another… Saving it in times of failure is , many would argue, the most important part of all.

GRAFHC says:

I think this product looks pretty solid.

khail chain says:

it will be back doored for gchq and nsa

JB deCABOURG says:

And about security ? Hack or Virus or Wifi acces secu progres?

rwh19921 says:

I have the old my cloud very disappointed to see how little they improved. And worse how it seems to be a separate app meaning less support for the old buggy app.

MrBrymstond says:

And you have to get it with the hard drives already installed so they can charge top dollar.

ibrahim faqai says:

2 years designing this wow. not 10Gigabit Ethernet port.

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