WD My Cloud 3TB Storage

WD My Cloud 3TB Storage

Western Digital just released a new Personal Cloud storage device they call the My Cloud. Isn’t it just a 3TB network drive? Well, yeah it is…and there is nothing wrong with that at all. What WD has done is bundled a bunch of really awesome features into a 3TB NAS (Network Accessible Storage). Just plug the WD My Cloud into your home network, install the apps to your tablet or smart phone, and away you go. You now have a way to store, share, and access your digital content from anywhere. The WD MC will allow you to create public shares so that you can allow anyone anywhere to access whatever files you want, and to share all without having to store them in the cloud. The My Cloud device also has some great expandability and redundancy features so you wont lose your data, and you can grow your My Cloud as you take more pics, make more movies, and store more data.

WD My Cloud can be picked up at anyone storage retailer for around $180 for the 3TB version.

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Shengnan Wu says:

What's the transfer speed

Panneer Yuvaraja says:

can this device give me access to files when i am somewhere else or just within the house ?

Owen Mullan says:

I have just found it in my coubard

Tyler Northup says:

Can you use this with an Xbox?

Joe Season says:

Hi, you mentioned that you can access the contents through Roku. Is that correct? Can you please show or explain how?

Jon Bach says:

why not just use free google-drive or dropbox? (except maybe from the more data-storage you get here)

AJ Sorenson says:

is this digital?

Nick Cartwright says:

I very strongly suggest that you stay well clear of this device. I have spent 3 hours on the phone today to WD trying to get it to work. They have now told me it is quite likely to regularly deny me access to my files. It is therefore useless and will go back to the shop tomorrow. There are NO instructions with it and on trying to follow on line help does not do what you are told it will. It is totally useless so please be warned and buy something else.

Jesteria78 says:

500 gb each year on foots? Arghh….

Elizabeth Tran (wizardkitty1) says:

Dont buy WD My Cloud lost all my data

silennt_dreamerr says:

so, I'm terrible with technology. Just putting that out there before I ask my million (ignorant sounding) questions. Is this mycloud only cloud storage or does it have an actual hard drive? Will i be able to plug the device into a computer to access the files without wifi? Will I be able to password the files so that others on the same wifi will not be able to use storage or access files?

thetruth says:

WOW you never answer any questions !!!!!!!!!! Heres my last one.!!!!! Do you know of a video that walks me thru all the areas in WD my cloud? I need to know how I can secure my cloud with a password I am a little confused I seem to have a password accessing my cloud from smart phone but was wondering how to change or add additional password etc because when I access it from smart phone I am asked for a 4 digit code which is in my opinion not secure enough

N B says:

can I hook this straight up to an LG smart TV and download from phone/laptop straight to TV?

Big Will says:

thank you for great video. I really like the introduction.
btw. I like you front teeth also, looks nice

Ariel Ruzo says:

Que porqueria de video!

thetruth says:

Million dollar question how can I put password or protect my home WD my cloud??.

Jerry F says:

What is twonky and do I need it?

John Singh says:

is this solid state drive?

Yahase says:

you lost me at itune. thanks for the review…

Chetan Goyal says:

I have one question regarding WD MY CLoud, the USB 3.0 port which is provided for storage expansion, Can we transfer the data from USB connected external drive to WD MY cloud storage folder (manual copy) If yes, is that file transfer is fast or not on USB3.0.. Really appreacite your earlier response.

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