The Dangers of Cloud Storage

The Dangers of Cloud Storage

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A video blog discussing the dangers of cloud storage and how we have become complacent about our data, who sees it and what happens to it.

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ArtsyCosmicDreamer :D says:

I mainly use the Medibang cloud (I'm much more trusting since it is a private art company that mainly stores art and gives their software out for free, and besides scanned drawings I never put actual photos in it) and Google Drive for writing (Both the drive and Docs are fantastic on the go)

But I never put my personal info on it and am much more content on getting a terabyte.

Quantum Chang says:

They're herding the innocent lambs into the slaughterhouse.

Lucas Pereira da Silva says:

I've a dropbox account and a 500GB hard drive to backup it weekly. Buying an external hard drive worts much more than buying an space in the cloud.!

The Lizard says:

I'd never use Cloud storage. I don't even rely on the internet for system restores etc.

Viola Trice says:


Robert Orler says:

House can burn down or get flooded.. Not good for hard drives or other personally owned storage.. Just a thought!

creto Olsen says:

I'm 57 yrs.old, I leased a PC 5 mos. ago to see if I would like being online,  I've never owned or used a PC,  the PC I leased is a HP 23-Q118 all in one, I started getting alerts about "OneCloud" being 90% full, I don't make files of any type, of anything, I only used Windows Photos that's in my Windows 10, and that's all I've put in this PC, so being new to PC's I'm like,  what did I do to fill up "OneCloud",  and it kept asking me if I wanted to pay $$ for more storage space, I checked on YouTube about "OneCloud" and what it is,  I don't have any need for an outside backup system or storage somewhere,  I use a 1tb Passport for any backup,  but the thing that surprised me was I only put 30 photos nd some videos  in the "Photos place in my pc,  Onedrive is full?  so I went into settings and under the storage it asks "Saved locations", so I changed where I wanted photos and video's to go along with anything else I install, cause it showed "oneDrive" as where my photos and videos were going, so I changed it to location (C) my hardrive,  the new PC I just built, I installed Windows 10 Pro, which enables you to go into "Group Editor Policy" and totally dismantle "OneDrive", out of the system for good.  Windows 10 home doesn't let you go to that point, "I don't think"? I tried on my store bought PC, I'm not the type of PC'er that needs cloud storage,  I'm sure people do, but I'm retired and sit at home surfing the web and starting to build PC's, Windows 10 pro I got from "Kinguin" website for $28, it works flawlessly, check out my build on PC/Partpicker   "Completed builds" "57 yr.old dad, builds his first pc"  have fun everybody,  I love this new hobby,  I learned all this in 5 months watching "Awesomesauce network and JayzTwoCents,  YouTube.

Warren Chu says:

CAUTION: There are NO backups to go back to. Once it's deleted, it's gone forever. Your online account can be deleted for whatever reason Google or Microsoft decides. (I was an IT administrator for a large organization and lost data stored on the cloud).

google google says:

all problems you've mentioned are solved by using encryption and redundancy. this video was unnecessary.

Turtle Head says:

They have a hybrid of cloud and physical storage already drumroll next bit robin

Hale Hardy says:

Especially the clouds run by SJWs

Ray Moya says:

I have like no money and my credit is all fucked up….trust me no one wants any of my data lol.

Everything Engineering says:

The only way to have safe fast reliable storage, is if you build a nas

Whoever you are I care for you says:

Why store all your personal data online cloud when you can just buy WD My cloud and bring your own server to your house and access them everywhere without worrying it might get deleted. Your welcome.

Marcin Rucinski says:

Hi. I do understand your concern. However if I were to live my life in constant look out for conspiracy theories and bad people out there it would be very frustrating. I do use Google Drive and I do use my account to share files even for business purposes I had my back ups at home and I am trying to be careful with what I do. I share my personal info and and I am sure if people want to find things about me they can easily Google it. Yes the big companies can take advantage of you. Yes there are bad people out there. But if I didn't have faith in people and world and my ability to create future even by thinking positively my life would be miserable and unbearable wit nothing to look forward. Peace.

Max Hughes says:

And disk cloning software that always runs on startup whether you pay for their auto backup cloud storage or not.

‫ريفاعي أحمد‬‎ says:

easier to use

Marc Lew says:

I have a samsung galaxy light and cannot delete memo cloud storage. says apps were created from others and cannot remove.any suggestions?thx

Sherrie Vitello says:

Thanks for this video! It was very informative and helpful for me. We need to be careful about personal things that we share and by using cloud storage we are a risk at having our files exposed. But so long as we trust the host i.e. google,  its a great idea to use so we can save space on our hard drive.  But like anything else we risk the chance of our files being invaded.  For me personally I would probably use cloud storage for some things but for sensitive or personal files that I treasure, I'll continue to save that info to a flash stick and keep it in a safe place.

Christopher Evans says:

Good points , but a cloud directory is a way to preserve files if say your host os is wiped out from virus.

Austin M says:

I agree I really don't trust any cloud services with anything import to me I actually just got screwed over by Dropbox thank god I did have anything important on it the only cloud storage I trust is my own cloud sever which is closed within my own network where no one can access it but me that's what I recommend doing if you want cloud storage but worried about other companies make you own cloud.

Aykut Bozkurt says:

if you become suspicious about anything here is what i can do you know that microsoft doesn't store all your keyboard inputs and mouse clicks.and if they want they can get into your computer anytime when u are online as do you know there isn't something out there when they want to get in or out.besides even if there isn't a mechanism yet atm how can you be sure with the next windows update they will implement it into your system or not.anyway google can do that as well with your there is 1 way to end it.go to a countryside,and disconnect yourself from everything and anything.even don't tell anyone you are going there.just disappear 🙂 and make sure nobody sees you on traffic cams or so on… you know what i mean.thats the deal.

Dave Findlay says:

You have hit the nail on the head!

Martin Guidotti says:

Hi CF / Computing Forever, are u aware that ur handsome? 🙂
And very nice Grey Eyes 🙂

Btw, thanks for ur video, thanks for sharing it to me hehehe 🙂 i mean .. for sharing it to us in www :)

Muhammad Saadiq says:

You made this video 2 years ago. Datamining is huge and real. Currently the push for cloud service is massive. Storage continually is getting larger and larger. Massive amounts of data is being collected to define and profile you as a person. If you type anything such as a blog or documents for college or class you are basically putting up a psychological profile. That is massive in terms marketing collection. However it is more important to note the trends. Cell phones are now being made without internal storage and are essentially dumb-terminals just as you said. Chromebooks are coming more popular and more storage than anything is available on the web. No one reads the terms of service and it is so that if you were in any social movement that appeared to be dangerous to the government, they could custom tailor based on your psychological profile that you gave them for free and agent that would be extremely successful in grafting themselves into a person you would be magnetized towards. This is more than creepy this has been prophesied by Prophet Muhammad. Thanks for posting.

Marmalade000000 says:

Hi. When I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6, I never used iCloud. I always backed my files up the old way. However, when I got my iPhone 6 I saw a few pics from a certain date that I clearly had ERASED from my old phone!! How did the pics get to my NEW phone when I never even used iCloud??

Erhu Player says:

Agree 100% ! I was almost about to get a cloud account, but won't now. I'm getting a new mobile device and it comes with 100GB cloud storage. I think I'll skip the latter. Safest thing as always is to rely on one's own storage methods.

Peter Mitchell says:

is he still talking?????????????????

Lasse Øksbro says:

Use a cloud with private encryption key

Lasse Øksbro says:

All use credit card
Most have a credit card

Meena says:

Files stored on external servers are not secure. Binfer does not store files anywhere. It is a better “cloudless” way to share data securely. See cloudless sharing.

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