Create your own Cloud Storage Server in 5 Minutes! – OwnCloud

Create your own Cloud Storage Server in 5 Minutes! – OwnCloud

This video will show you how to create your own private cloud in five minutes using a web server and OwnCloud.

This video uses DigitalOcean as Linux web host, however this method will work on Windows, Linux and even shared hosting!

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布丁 says:

Can i just use virtual machines to do it?

walter byrd says:

I wish owncloud had some way to display markdown.

Sandeeppbr 2444 says:

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Shaun Bennett says:

Great video. This is just what i need to store all my film and video assets online and free up some HDD space! Just a FYI, I could Barley read your annotations with these colors. Not sure if you did it that way to discrete…but Might think on light grey or something next time. Cheers and thanks

Stuff1646 says:

Easyilyer way: Just use google drive 😛

Greg Shubert says:

Why did you download OpenSUSE?

Semper Fi says:

Good stuff Ben…. I even understood you with the Brit accent…. cheers mate!

jeffwads says:

Haha. Just install Proxmox and download the OwnCloud container. Done.

cynthia berbery says:

how can I use it to upload thing from a windows server that im using?

Matthew Warren says:

If you are going to pay someone to host your cloud, why not just use a cloud service like Google Drive? Any number of services will give free space. I want it hosted on my own server in my own home. Isn't that the whole point???

Diptanil Dutta Roy says:

I want to make a cloud server for my own personal use. i have to make it on linux or windows. Which one is prefereable

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