Computer Basics: What is the Cloud?

Computer Basics: What is the Cloud?

You may have heard people using terms like the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage. But what exactly is the cloud? Basically, the cloud is the internet – more specifically, it’s all of the things that you can access remotely over the internet. When something is in the cloud, that means it is stored on servers on the internet, instead of on your computer. It lets you access your calendar, email, files and more, from any computer that has an internet connection.

There are many reasons to use the cloud, but the main reasons are convenience and reliability. In the past, if you wanted to bring a file with you, you would have to save it to a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or CD-R disc. Saving a file to the cloud ensures that you’ll be able access it with any computer that has an internet connection, so you don’t have any physical media to keep track of. The cloud also makes it much easier to share a file with coworkers or friends, making it possible to collaborate over the internet.

With the cloud, you’re much less likely to lose your data, since it is stored on servers. However, just like anything online, there is always a risk that someone may try to gain access to your personal data, so it’s important to choose a strong password and pay attention to any privacy settings for the service you’re using.

To learn more about the cloud, watch the following video.

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Have to ask, back in my HTML days, I'd make websites and occasionally try to make guestbooks (oh the days when that sort of stuff was posted on sites and you could copy and paste and manipulate it and make it your own) or even rudimentary email. Anyway, there was something called a cgi-bin that I never quite got the hang of but seemed kind of crucial for email. Do these cloud based apps still require that or has that completely changed? Thanks,

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I'm sorry, I just want to be a butt, but if there is a rogue meteorite in your living room you are probably not going to survive it either.
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You may have heard people using terms like the #cloud or cloud computing or maybe even cloud storage. But what exactly is the cloud? Find out in this 3-minute video.

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