Cloud Storage on Xbox One

Cloud Storage on Xbox One

Xbox One uses the power of the cloud to manage your save files for you. This means you can easily go from one Xbox to another and seamlessly play and progress. There are some questions you might have and i’ll answer most of them in the video.

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Wolf LordBanner says:

i do have a question. this happened to me twice now. everytime i so far into a game for xbox one it, it says theres no memory of the game i was playing on. like for thief or assassion creed i go so far and then i have to re start all over again. but i know i been saving the progress. so why does it do that? and how can i get it back? and how can prevent this happening again!!plz and thanks!!

Christian Vernon says:

Ok I recently got a Xbox 1 and I had Xbox live for about a month. Now I have been playing ghost recon wild lands and I no longer have Xbox live. and I go to play the game and now I have to start it alllll over again. is there any way I can get my so called cloud data back to my Xbox 1 so I can play offline. or do I have to purchase Xbox live again. please and thanks

Violet Achneepineskum says:

i deleted my assassin's creed syndicate game data, and now i regret it, how do i get it back

NERF THIS!!!! says:

I picked the wrong game save I dont know if there's a way I can get the other one

Sabri Atawna says:

Evry fucking 3 months my save gets lost

BloodSkull Lucario/PhantomFalcon75 says:

I was trying to get rid of lag on one of my xbox one games, and I deleted my reserved save data, and when I went back into the game where it loaded up, I pressed cancel and everything didn't load, if I uninstall the game and reinstall it, would I get my saved data back?

Pete Hemmings says:

Hi scratch here's my question I have been playing Fifa 17 ultimate team since last year on Xbox one. A friend has Fifa 17 on xbox 360. He said that if we download my Xbox profile on his console it will automatically load my fut team and we can play it from there. When I loaded up it came up with a brand new team I thought it had overwritten my team and was really mad about it. When I loaded up Fifa back at home on my x1 it comes up with the new team name on the title screen but all my players and achievements are still there. So my question is if I delete the team on x360 will it delete everything on the x1 as well.
Hope you can help.

independent wolves says:

I was playing dark souls and this was a downloaded version at my house and I didn't save it properly I then went over to my pals house and played dark souls there. When I went back to my house I tried to play dark souls and load in my save from the drive but It didn't let me it said "items on another xbox are waiting to be uploaded for this game or app to use cloud storage,sign in to Xbox you last played on and upload items to the cloud" when I got my pal to try this it still didn't work

Bill Williams says:

Why do I get a cloud sync error from some games? like WWE2k17

Gary Zod says:

Thanks for the info, my Xbox one has been on the fritz, looks like I'll be getting a new one.thank god my game saves are on the cloud.

Royal Quiz says:

It's weird the gamerpoc he said he normally uses is the one I had on but before he even said and he went to change his gamerpoc I went to change mines and then went back to that one

Kuzuya Mashima says:

can anyone help my street fighter saved date date changed when sync.i didn't know how to transfer from cloud it said it doesn't match anyway to fix it.

Kuzuya Mashima says:

I think It saved over my data date changed to today

taeo nicolas says:

I went offline for 2 weeks and went back online today and the game gave me two saved data's to pick from and by accident i picked the old one. How can i get back to the data i was using when i was offline ?

If Your Reading This Your Gay says:

I accidentally deleted my forza horizon 3 and i redownload and none of my save stuff is there and it is saved online because i checks i and i do have Xbox live gold

XZOIDZ says:

not helpful at all I deleted gta5 bye accident and I can't get it back but you also never really showed how to exactly get to the cloud storage because we won't always delete a game and then going right back on it

OriginalDarkMew says:

It doesn't show my saved data when I go to it on my xbox… all I want to do is move my GTA 5 save to my USB…

Friisky Savage says:

Is there anyway I can get my account back if I accidentally deleted from everywhere?

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